How to migrate data from FancyKey to FancyKey Pro

As you have known, FancyKey now goes Pro. For users with original version, there are few steps to migrate data to the Pro version:

  1. For customised themes, just upload them to Show-offs tab, then you could download them in the Pro version. The upload button is in the centre bottom side of the Show-offs tab.
  2. For purchased VIP or SVIP, you could find the “Restore Purchase” option when you’re prompted to purchase again.
  3. For your diamonds, unfortunately there is no direct way, but you’re welcome to write to, our customer service will be there to restore them for you.

Thanks for your support of FancyKey. We will keep up working on the Pro version and make it a perfect keyboard for your personalisation.



FancyKey now goes Pro!

Now presenting the bigger than big, Fancykey Pro! As the name change suggests, we’ve gone Pro, providing you with a whole new typing experience. For the first time ever ALL fonts, themes, effects and sounds are FREE for iOS and Android users!

In this day and age, chatting and idea expression have become synonymous; self-expression comes through the keyboard. And what better keyboard than FancyKey Pro? This is a super customizable keyboard, allowing you to be, well you. From simple elegance to fun and colorful, our themes span the entire range.

As the most customizable keyboard available on both iOS and Android platforms, we aim to give users a typing experience that is personalized like no other. Change fonts, themes, effects and sounds everyday depending on your mood. Bring your words to life with our Touch Animation feature, which animates your letters as you type them. Such as Star wars light saber effect, Tron bike, Broken glass effect. It gets better, you can also change the colors of some of those effects as you like!  There are even new theme updates every day!

The FancyKey family knows no borders, and therefore you have a wide range of language options to choose from, even languages like Hinglish! More languages are added for every new version.

FancyKey Pro has made an explosive presence so far as the most famous keyboard on the iOS App Store. All the latest news, updates and features are posted everyday on many social platforms. We now have 50k+ followers on Instagram and 40k+ followers on Facebook, which are increasing every hour. Log into your social accounts and start following today!

So what are you waiting for? Download FancyKey Pro NOW!

Moderation in FancyLand.

FancyLand was the forum in the FancyKey app, now it’s moved out as a standalone app for teens to engage with each other.

FancyLand is an app aimed for 9+, so contents that are for adults may not be appropriate here. We have moderators to ensure things are teens friendly. Posts of below types are NOT allowed here:

  • Porn or sexual contents
  • Posts that harass or bully other members
  • Posts that have suicide or violence tendency
  • Spams, normally with empty titles and contents, or frequent irrelevant posts

As a moderator, you should agree:

  • Not to threaten others
  • Not to show off your power
  • Stay neutral, never use the power for personal disputes

We have auditing in place. We might disable moderation rights without prior notification.

Full Access in FancyKey

FancyKey is unique in many ways, an important one is it does not require user to “Allow Full Access” for basic features to work. User can enjoy Word Prediction, Emoji Art and 6 default Themes without Full Access opened. Full Access is only required if user opts in the Keyboard Click Sound feature. And it’s temporarily required if user adds a non-English(US) language or apply a customized theme.

What is Full Access?

Granting an iOS keyboard extension Full Access is allow it to share data with its broader “container” app and gain network access. Apple has a warning message in place to alert users the potential security issues, which is quite scaring.

If you don’t grant the Full Access right, developers will have no way to access any of your typing record. And it’s also impossible to offer some special features.

Why we need Full Access?

There are three features we have to ask for Full Access:

  1. Play keyboard click sound. Apple has designed it that we cannot play any sound without Full Access. I don’t quite understand why Apple doesn’t offer a separate option to control play sound ability. I hope they improve it in future updates;
  2. Add non-English(US) package. The installation package from App Store only has English (US) language integrated. To add extra language, user has to download from our remote server. A language pack occupies 2~5 MB storage. If we pack all languages into one single installation package, its size would be over 100 MB. That’s hard to download and consumes unnecessary storage on device.
  3. Customize themes. Apple has limited run-time memory of the keyboard extension to 40 MB. It’s impossible to do CPU insensitive jobs in the extension. But generating a customized theme needs quite a lot of CPU work, we cannot achieve this in the extension.

Different from other keyboards, we’ve designed FancyKey to ask for Full Access only if user opts in specific features. For 2nd and 3rd features, users just need to open Full Access for minutes and close it after language or theme successfully applied.

Technology is just a tool, it can do good, also can do evil. It depends how we use it. FancyKey is designed to fancy your social life, not to ruin it. We live a life by selling great apps, not your personal info.

Pinssible Labs now has another masterpiece

For a very long time, Padgram is Pinssible Labs’ masterpiece. We’ve dedicated a lot of effort on Padgram, at the same time, we’re seeking for opportunity to make something big.

Thanks to iOS 8, which opens the door to third-party keyboards. We’re glad to introduce Fancy Fonts Keyboard 1.0, our third-party keyboard for iPhone and iPod touch. Fancy Fonts Keyboard allows users to personalize device’s keyboard with a library of fancy fonts, emojis, and themes. Advanced predictive technology allows Fancy Fonts Keyboard to quickly input characters and anticipate emojis to save the user time. Fancy Fonts Keyboard allows users to maintain people’s privacy and can be used in many apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve been good at making powerful but easy-to-use tools. There are many deliberate designs in the app. Take one for example, almost all keyboard apps in the market require Full Access rights to work properly, including well-known players like SwiftKey and Fleksy. Fancy Fonts Keyboard is unique by working without Full Access rights, unless the user opts in to turn on some special features. Fancy Fonts Keyboard takes the user’s privacy seriously.

There are more designs like this to make the keyboard special. To find out more, just download it and try whether you like: . Don’t hesitate to leave us comments. Thanks!

Now you can like up to 130 photos per hour with Padgram

Hey guys, as promised, we’ve fixed the issue of rate limits of liking. Even there is still an hourly cap of 130 photos, it’s much better than the old cap of 30 photos. Just update it in the App Store and enjoy~~

BTW, we’ve also fixed the photo loading issue in China (because of the China Great Firewall), but please make sure your device’s language has been set to Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese as it’s related.

Jobs Openings




  • 1-3年移动开发经验
  • iOS或者安卓平台经验不限,因为我们这里的每个人都是多面手
  • 能针对特定的产品得出自己的见解,我们每个人都是产品经理
  • 熟悉移动应用、游戏或者WEB后台服务的基本架构和相关组件
  • 熟悉HTTP、HTTPS等网络协议
  • 对开源组件能快速上手并应用到实际环境中
  • 对Python、PHP、Perl、Node.js中任何一门达到熟悉的程度
  • 了解amazon等类似云服务
  • 开放的学习态度和视野非常重要,因为我们是一个共同成长的团队




How to logout after user name becomes “Anonymous”

Instagram just had an issue and all API access failed. If user unfortunately logged in during that time, the user name will become “Anonymous”. The worse thing is, user cannot open his profile again. To fix this issue, user can simply logout first, then do a login again. Here are steps to logout successfully:

1. Choose main menu, and tap the “Settings” icon:

2. Choose “Settings” button:

3. Tap the “Logout Instagram” option, accept to log out when prompted:

After logout, user can log in again with the right user name. That’s it!

Chance to upgrade Padgram for free

This event has ended with 101 lucky users get the premium version. Thanks for joining. 

Our friend Ye Tian has made a word puzzle “Let’s Guess Word”. It’s quite similar with the popular game “4 Pics 1 Word” but with some interesting features added. As we think the target audience of this game overlaps with Padgram users, so we make a contest for the game users to earn Padgram Premium for free.

The first 100 “Let’s Guess Word” users who can work out 300 puzzles will be awarded Padgram Premium membership. The contest won’t stop until we got the 100 lucky guys. I will update the number of winners in this blog post.

Up to now, there are 101 awarded players.

Let’s guess word and have fun!

Padgram has no sound when playing Instagram video

Recently we’ve released Padgram 4.5, which has full support for Instagram Video. We’re excited with this opportunity as Instagram users is getting enthusiastic with videos.

And we’ve received reports that no sound can be heard when playing videos. We just figured out it’s something related with iPad settings. Here are how to solve it:

Open iPad “Settings” -> “General”, if “Use Side Switch to: ” is set to “Mute”, then make sure your iPad’s Side Switch is not turned on.

If “Use Side Switch to: ” is set to “Lock Rotation”, then double tap the “Home” button, swipe from left to right on the task bar, until reaching the first page. Make sure the “Sound” icon is not set to Mute.

Enable sound for your Instagram and enjoy videos! Leave comments on this post to tell us whether it works for you 🙂