Why we make EasyPin

EasyPin is our first app. The philosophy behind it is do less but do it the best.

Pinterest marklet is widely used for users to pin images. It works perfectly on PC browsers. This video from Pinterest.com show you how.

But when it comes to iPad, things are not easy. First you have to install the marklet script, that’s not easy for normal users. After you’re lucky enough to get the marklet working, you can start pinning in Safari. But wait, when you pin an image on a web page, the page you’re browsing will be replaced by the Pinterest pinning page. So you will lose what the browser has loaded for you. If you want the browsing page back, you have to tap ‘Back’ menu in the browser. Watching the video vividly shows the process.

If you happen to have several images you want to pin, you will have to go through the above processes several times. There are 5 finger taps for each round!

People are not satisfied with the user experience. Some apps in App Store improves the issue by providing a web browser with Pinterest Marklet integrated. But none of them solves the problem of leaving the browsing page.

We thought hard of how to improve it. And came up with “EasyPin for Pinterest”. This app is essentially a web browser. When pinning, it opens a separate window to load Pinterest page. So you don’t need to leave where you’re browsing! That makes pinning easier! The separate window seems easy from user experience perspective, but technically, there is a lot of work to be done. Well done, for the team!

Here is the app video, it shows the features of the app:

The app also allows you to copy and paste urls from other browsers, and even bookmark your favorite sites on home page. Stay tuned. It could pass App Store censorship in days.

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