EasyPin: we make pinning on Pinterest super easy

As mentioned in previous post, the philosophy behind EasyPin is do less but do it the best. It’s not a simple wrapper over Pinterest web site, either a tool with ‘Pin It’ marklet integrated.

EasyPin is a web browser, both from look-and-feel and functionality perspective:

It allows you to bookmark your favorite image sites.

One magic feature is, it adds pin icon onto images that are qualified to pin (image’s size is big enough and copyright is allowed). When the pin icon is clicked, it brings in the pinning window directly. With this feature, user can pin images with one single tap, other than ‘tap bookmark’ -> ‘tap Pin It marklet’ -> ‘wait for all images to show’ -> ‘choose the image that user is willing to pin’. It just gives the user pinning a piece of mind.

Another magic feature is, the app opens another window to load the pinning page, so user’s browsing context (which page user is browsing and where the page is scrolled to) is well kept.

And Finally, it has the ‘Pin It’ button on toolbar, if user wants to list all images, that’s still available with one single tap:

Here is a video that demonstrates the app:

The app will be on App Store soon. Drop us an email(support@pinssible.com). We can get back to you after it’s published.

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