Pic Quotes: read, share & print unlimited quotes in picture form

Do you enjoy reading, sharing and posting quotes? then Pic Quotes makes it more interesting by letting users view quotes in picture form and making it easier to share and print.

The quotes shown in the app are picked up from hot image sharing sites, such as Pinterest, Piccsy, ImgFave and FFFFound. Pic Quotes send around 20 quotes to you every day. Features:
– Allows users to view recent quotes
– Allows users to share quotes on facebook
– Allows users to print quotes and send them to friends as postcards.

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“InstaPin” is now renamed to “Padgram”

We named the instagram app as “InstaPin” as we wanted it to be a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. Now we rename it to “Padgram” as we think the Instagram-Pinterest combination is not a perfect solution on iPad.

Pinterest waterfall view is basically composed of image, comments, author info. It brings in perfect UX on PC as the screen is big enough. People like the UX to view all info within the same page and add comments without leaving. While on iPad, even its screen is bigger than iPhone, the screen estate is still limited. It can’t even hold one image info in one screen using waterfall view! And when it comes to commenting, as to the nature of Object-C programming, it’s much harder to implement in technical. Pinstagram tried it, but the result is not perfect.

So we decide to give up waterfall view. The app in the store is still in waterfall view, but next version the waterfall view will be gone. We rename the app just in preparation for next version.

Next version would be an important release. Stay tuned! [Update: it’s online now: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id539297584]