Padgram 2.5 makes it easy to post photos and revamps profile and sharing

Since we changed the app’s name to “Padgram”, we’ve done 4 important releases. We made continuous improvements in each version. Now it comes to 2.5.

First of all, we revamped the main menu. We gave up the drop-down style menu (which is mostly seen in web site designs), replacing it with the slide-out menu (which can be seen in Facebook, Fancy, Pinterest and other popular apps). We want to make it costless to understand and use the app.

We received many inquiries about how to upload photos on iPad. Since Instagram hasn’t opened the upload API, we cannot integrate uploading within Padgram. The only way to upload photo is using the official Instagram iPhone app on iPad. We think users might not know they can use the iPhone app on their iPad. We want to make it easy and we designed the “Instagram Camera” menu. When tapped on, if the Instagram iPhone app hasn’t been installed, we guide users to download and install the iPhone app. If the official iPhone app is there, we launch it to take or upload photos.

Another important change is the revamped profile page. When checking profile, people are keen to know following info:

  • They want to know follower’s / following’s meta info (avatar, user name, photo number, following number and follower number) within one screen, other than only the avatar and user name
  • They want to know who they’re following have not followed back

Here is the revamped profile page, Both requirements are well addressed.

And lastly, we make deep integration with iOS 6 to make sharing easier. As we know, since iOS 6 Facebook and Sina Weibo are integrated into the system. Once people configured Facebook and Sina Weibo in OS settings, all apps can make use of them to share or post. Users don’t need to configure the accounts for individual apps, and account info are controlled by OS, not individual apps, therefore much safer from privacy protection perspective.

And we have several bug fixes and tweaks in 2.5. This makes a more stable Padgram.

We hope those improvements can bring in true value to our users. We’re working hard to make the best Instagram viewer on iPad. Try Padgram now, leave comments below of what you think of it.

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