Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Our user Marianne wrote to me a message with the above title, and she kindly explained what it meant.

This saying is from Dr. Seuss, a very famous children’s author.  While he writes for children, his message is universally meaningful to all people.

This quote means;  why be ordinary when you can be spectacular; why follow the crowd when you can be a leader; you were put on this earth to be the best, don’t settle for anything less.

It basically means do your very best in life, because you should, and because YOU CAN.

The saying above made me think of so many thoughts, it also reminded me of some of my past experiences. Before I founded Pinssible Labs, I was a manager at a world leading security software company. The salary was high and the manager was totally great, it sounds like too perfect to be true and that it was comfortable for me to stay there, but something was missing, what I always hoped for, what my heart always wanted was to lead my own team, create things that I am interested in. I always wished for that as I hope my kids can be proud of me when they grow older. I can proudly tell them “Hey honey, this was created by me, oh yeah your dad, it’s cool isn’t it?”.

That’s why I got inspired and founded Pinssible Labs and created Padgram.

When it comes to Padgram, we weren’t the first Instagram iPad app. Our competitor had released its app 8 months before we started coding. we started asking ourselves questions such as: How do we compete with them if we offer another option? how can we be different? how can we be born to stand out? To find out the answers of the above questions, we had to try all the Instagram apps out there, and we found some flaws in them such as; not fast enough, not simplified enough and not intuitive enough. By creating Padgram, we brought a difference in the sense that we made it faster, simpler yet most powerful among all the other options.

We are proudly announcing that Padgram is the No.3 photo app in the US, and has got No.1 position in 60+ countries.

Our mission was to reach the No.1 Instagram iPad app in the world. To achieve that, we created interesting features, like the Emoji keyboad and self/cross promotion button. We also keep listening  to our users, as their feedback and opinion matters to us. We’re the first Instagram iPad app with portrait mode supported which was suggested by one of our users.

We’re so excited about Padgram’s rapid growth , so far we are No.3 photo app in the US, that won’t be the end of our great achievements. We will keep going further and further.

To end this post I would like to say , ” When we start a journey we always start it slowly….but then it gets faster and faster, the important thing is to start the journey and then you can head further than you thought you would…”

Download Padgram here, any comments are appreciated.

Padgram 3.0 brings in Pinterest-like categories and portrait mode support

We’re glad to announce Padgram 3.0, a major update to the photo app. The update includes support for both portrait and landscape orientation and browsing by category as well as popularity, including: Nature, Pets, Girls, Kids, Food, Fashion, Cars, and Architecture.

The most important new feature in this update of Padgram is a redesigned browsing system based on categories in addition to popularity. Although browsing based on number of followers is common in Instagram and Instagram viewers, results are often skewed towards celebrities and businesses. Instead of browsing the most popular photos, users instead are browsing the photos of the most popular people or companies posting photos. With the addition of browsing by categories, Padgram can now more accurately reflect the interest in photos posted by a broad spectrum of typical Instagram users. Each category contains 100 users of the service, chosen by experts at Padgram. Users can email us (team@pinssible.com) to apply for inclusion in a category, and new categories will be added over time. Here is the screenshot of the Nature category:

Previous versions of Padgram included support for operation in landscape orientation only. Receiving many user requests for the addition of portrait orientation, version 3.0 now incorporates this feature. Portrait mode is particularly valuable for iPad mini users, who typically hold their iDevice in portrait orientation. Here is the screenshot of Padgram in portrait mode:

We are always trying to be responsive to Padgram users’ requests for new features. Support for portrait orientation and browsing by categories represent a major step in the evolution of Padgram. Try it now, we won’t let you down.