How to test Padgram beta build

Beta testing is a perfect way to try new features of Padgram, at the same time making sure everything is working well. The steps are easy:

[Omit this if you ever did this] First step: provide UDID to the developer 

An UDID (Unique Device Identifier) is a sequence, combinations of alphabets and numbers with the length of 40 characters. It uniquely identifies your iPad. Install Get My UDID on your iPad, and use it to email the UDID to the developer.

Second step: open the link developer sends to you and start installing

You have to use Safari browser to open the link. As other browsers seems not working well.

If it’s the first time trying Padgram beta build, you will be promoted to install a provision profile, which allows the beta build from TestFlight to be installed. Simply tap “Connect Device” button, and accepts to install the provision profile when prompted.

After that, you can see the installation page:

Tap “Install” button, then the app will be installed on your iPad.

Enjoy Padgram~~~~


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