Why we add ads to Padgram?

User experience has been our focus since Padgram launched. We’ve spent lots of time writing and tuning every single line of code, every single pixel on UI. And we know Ads is not good for user experience. But why do we still add an ads to Padgram 3.6? Do we want to destroy the 4.5-star rated app?

The answer is simply NO!

We just need to balance between user experience and revenue. The Ads banner is only shown at the bottom of the screen in portrait mode, that’s the only place we can think of to have a minimal user experience impact (think if we put it under Landscape mode). App business has been so hard for developers. It’s hard to hear stories that developers make millions of dollars now. And our experience shows how hard it is.

At the beginning, we set up a donation page. The page was deliberately designed to incur user’s empathy. It’s even like a beggar (shame 🙁 )

But it doesn’t work. The revenue per day is under 10 dollars (we have half a million downloads at that time). Then we changed to require in-app purchase to enable a premium feature (Manage Multiple Account), things become better, but still under 100 dollars. You’d know we have 1million downloads then and over 100,000 active users per day!

We have to work out a way to feed the team. If we cannot generate enough revenue, it won’t be sustainable. So we add the ads to the app. It generate some revenue, and at the same time gives user that is hesitating to upgrade a reason. It turns out it’s working.

Again, I’d say app business is tough. We already gave up the dream to become a millionaire. We just want to live a decent life, wishing we can survive after the mobile app “Golden Run”.