How to logout after user name becomes “Anonymous”

Instagram just had an issue and all API access failed. If user unfortunately logged in during that time, the user name will become “Anonymous”. The worse thing is, user cannot open his profile again. To fix this issue, user can simply logout first, then do a login again. Here are steps to logout successfully:

1. Choose main menu, and tap the “Settings” icon:

2. Choose “Settings” button:

3. Tap the “Logout Instagram” option, accept to log out when prompted:

After logout, user can log in again with the right user name. That’s it!

Chance to upgrade Padgram for free

This event has ended with 101 lucky users get the premium version. Thanks for joining. 

Our friend Ye Tian has made a word puzzle “Let’s Guess Word”. It’s quite similar with the popular game “4 Pics 1 Word” but with some interesting features added. As we think the target audience of this game overlaps with Padgram users, so we make a contest for the game users to earn Padgram Premium for free.

The first 100 “Let’s Guess Word” users who can work out 300 puzzles will be awarded Padgram Premium membership. The contest won’t stop until we got the 100 lucky guys. I will update the number of winners in this blog post.

Up to now, there are 101 awarded players.

Let’s guess word and have fun!