Now you can like up to 130 photos per hour with Padgram

Hey guys, as promised, we’ve fixed the issue of rate limits of liking. Even there is still an hourly cap of 130 photos, it’s much better than the old cap of 30 photos. Just update it in the App Store and enjoy~~

BTW, we’ve also fixed the photo loading issue in China (because of the China Great Firewall), but please make sure your device’s language has been set to Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese as it’s related.

43 thoughts on “Now you can like up to 130 photos per hour with Padgram”

  1. Hi..I had not been on my pad gram in a while & was unaware of the account WILL NOT let me LIKE or save anything for the next few days because I went over the “30” limit…yet I come out here to the support area & you report that all is fixed??I need to let you know that this is far from the case…..please correct &help…thanks

  2. Why am only able to like 10-15 pics and I get a warning that I’m Blocked by IG..I am not using any other app to like PICS…PLEASE FIX… It’s useless .. Tried several times so DELETE….

  3. I have not been able to like pictures on my Padgram since Saturday could you please sort it out . I have changed my password on Instagram like you suggested on above posts but it still won’t let me . (I can like pics on a Instagram but not on Padgram)

    1. Hi Rush,

      It seems you’re being blocked by Instagram. Normally it takes around one week to be able to like again. Could you try again later? And you’d not like too fast, otherwise Instagram could block you. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we cannot do much as it’s Instagram policy.


    1. It’s Instagram that blocks you. If you like too fast, that would happen. You just need to wait for one or two weeks for them to unblock you.

  4. I’ve been unfairly blocked for at least four days now. No, I don’t understand. My feed isn’t nearly large enough to meet or exceed your arbitrary hourly limit. And, this is the third time you’ve done this to my account. Is there some sort of competition of which I am unaware? Do you suspect users are unfairly “casting votes”? Enough already with your power trip! Unblock me and cease and desist this harassment. You certainly aren’t user friendly.

    1. Hi Denise,

      It’s not us that block you. It’s Instagram that blocks you. How many photos have you liked before you’re blocked. Until now, we only know that Instagram could block people if you like too many in short time. Sorry for not being helpful.


  5. I still can’t like any pics. It’s been about 5 days of this. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing is working.

    1. Hi Shettara,

      It’s not us that block you. It’s Instagram that blocks you. So re-install Padgram doesn’t help. It seems you would need to wait for 1~2 weeks. Let’s see how it works then.


  6. I haven’t been on my padgram app in a few days dye to work, but I’m unable to like any photos. I get a message that tells me I’ve reached my cap of liking pics. I haven’t been on so therefore I haven’t like 130 photos within an hour. Please fix this! I would really love to start liking my friends and family’s photos once again.

    1. Hi SonLan,

      It’s not us that block you. It’s Instagram that blocks you. It seems you would need to wait for 1~2 weeks. Let’s see how it works then. Sorry for not being helpful.


  7. for some reason i’ve been blocked from liking other people’s photos by padgram. I can like photos on instagram but every time i try to like a post on padgram the sign pops up. Can someone please help me?

  8. Hello. Since a week ago i cannot like any picture on padgram, but I can do with Ig official app. I’ve also try to fix the problem by changing my password but it didn’t work. You said you have fixed the problem with an actualisation but I can’t find any in the store (I use an iPad), at least in the Spanish store. Could you send me the link?
    Sorry, I know my English is not very good, but I hope you’ll understand my email. Best regards.

    1. Hi Silvia,

      Sorry for the issue, in this case, you cannot do more other than wait for some time. Instagram sometimes will block you if they find you liked too many. I don’t know the exact pattern but given some time you would get unblocked.


      1. But I’m not blocked on instagram official app, only on padgram!!! I can like pictures using Instagram app but I can’t give likes using your app!!!

  9. It’s not Instagram that’s blocking people, it’s Padgram! I can use Instagram with no issues on my iPhone, but I get the blocked message with Padgram on the IPad…..for multiple days in a row. Boo.

  10. This is not correct. I have been blocked for liking well under 130 posts (it was actually 8!). Contrary to your statement, it is not Instagram that blocks, it’s your app. I can load the instagram app (on the same device as Padgram) and still continue to like posts. Also using the web interface into Instagram I can like with no problem. The only app that doesn’t work is yours.

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