Full Access in FancyKey

FancyKey is unique in many ways, an important one is it does not require user to “Allow Full Access” for basic features to work. User can enjoy Word Prediction, Emoji Art and 6 default Themes without Full Access opened. Full Access is only required if user opts in the Keyboard Click Sound feature. And it’s temporarily required if user adds a non-English(US) language or apply a customized theme.

What is Full Access?

Granting an iOS keyboard extension Full Access is allow it to share data with its broader “container” app and gain network access. Apple has a warning message in place to alert users the potential security issues, which is quite scaring.

If you don’t grant the Full Access right, developers will have no way to access any of your typing record. And it’s also impossible to offer some special features.

Why we need Full Access?

There are three features we have to ask for Full Access:

  1. Play keyboard click sound. Apple has designed it that we cannot play any sound without Full Access. I don’t quite understand why Apple doesn’t offer a separate option to control play sound ability. I hope they improve it in future updates;
  2. Add non-English(US) package. The installation package from App Store only has English (US) language integrated. To add extra language, user has to download from our remote server. A language pack occupies 2~5 MB storage. If we pack all languages into one single installation package, its size would be over 100 MB. That’s hard to download and consumes unnecessary storage on device.
  3. Customize themes. Apple has limited run-time memory of the keyboard extension to 40 MB. It’s impossible to do CPU insensitive jobs in the extension. But generating a customized theme needs quite a lot of CPU work, we cannot achieve this in the extension.

Different from other keyboards, we’ve designed FancyKey to ask for Full Access only if user opts in specific features. For 2nd and 3rd features, users just need to open Full Access for minutes and close it after language or theme successfully applied.

Technology is just a tool, it can do good, also can do evil. It depends how we use it. FancyKey is designed to fancy your social life, not to ruin it. We live a life by selling great apps, not your personal info.

106 thoughts on “Full Access in FancyKey”

      1. Open System Settings, navigate to General > Keyboard > Keyboards > F͓̽a͓̽n͓̽c͓̽y͓̽K͓̽e͓̽y͓̽ – FancyKey, turn on Allow Full Access
        Disable it and re-enable it if you re-install the app. Back to Keyboards view for the settings to take effect.

        1. Thanks man! I am still having trouble though because I click the button but it does not let me go on to it. It shows the keyboard but then it goes back to the regular keyboard.

          Please Reply Back……. Thanks!


      1. Hey Gabriel,

        Could you simply follow the “How to Apply a Theme” and “How to Apply a Language” guide to enable full access?


  1. This info was quit useful. I was just concerned about an app knowing what is typed. Example, credit cards, debit cards, paying bills online which has crucial financial information that can be discovered. If it’s just full access that can do this, than I guess not using full access is the only way to go… If I supposed to want to fancy my device.

    Thanks for the reply,
    Jason Martin

      1. So the developer can read my passwords and and personal stuff all in the name of letting me have my key click? And this thing screws up if I type too fast. Here is an example other way it screws I type toofastf Up. It skips back and goosing the middle of words. Goosing?

        1. Hi Lucene,

          As I stated in the article, we’re not reading anything you type, and the requirement for full access to have key click is Apple’s stupid design. I’d rather the don’t design that way. And apologise for the goosing. We’ll keep working on this to make it better.


  2. I’ll be asking for a refund as soon as this shows up in my App Store purchases. I’ve tried it in iOS 8 on both my iPad Air and my new iPhone 6 Plus and it does not do what I specifically want to use it for: creating my own themes. I was finally – on the iPad only – able to customize 1 theme. I cannot make any more. You definitely need to allow full access first to do even this much. Then instructions say you can choose an Official or make a Custom theme. There is no way to create a Custom theme without first choosing an Official one and then tweaking it. There are not a lot of tweaks possible and I’ve found NO way to create any more. The Official themes are also dreadful. The app in the store implies there are many themes to choose from. THERE ARE NOT. Cannot wait to get my $$ back even if it is only $.99.