Moderation in FancyLand.

FancyLand was the forum in the FancyKey app, now it’s moved out as a standalone app for teens to engage with each other.

FancyLand is an app aimed for 9+, so contents that are for adults may not be appropriate here. We have moderators to ensure things are teens friendly. Posts of below types are NOT allowed here:

  • Porn or sexual contents
  • Posts that harass or bully other members
  • Posts that have suicide or violence tendency
  • Spams, normally with empty titles and contents, or frequent irrelevant posts

As a moderator, you should agree:

  • Not to threaten others
  • Not to show off your power
  • Stay neutral, never use the power for personal disputes

We have auditing in place. We might disable moderation rights without prior notification.

4 thoughts on “Moderation in FancyLand.”

  1. Hi. I have this app. I really love it and it inspired my to come up with a great app and I would like it if you could look at my ideas and maybe try and get it to work.My idea is an emoji creater/editer app which sounds bad but I have planned everything out and all of it should work!Please email me even if you don’t like the idea. Beth

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