How to migrate data from FancyKey to FancyKey Pro

As you have known, FancyKey now goes Pro. For users with original version, there are few steps to migrate data to the Pro version:

  1. For customised themes, just upload them to Show-offs tab, then you could download them in the Pro version. The upload button is in the centre bottom side of the Show-offs tab.
  2. For purchased VIP or SVIP, you could find the “Restore Purchase” option when you’re prompted to purchase again.
  3. For your diamonds, unfortunately there is no direct way, but you’re welcome to write to, our customer service will be there to restore them for you.

Thanks for your support of FancyKey. We will keep up working on the Pro version and make it a perfect keyboard for your personalisation.



11 thoughts on “How to migrate data from FancyKey to FancyKey Pro”

  1. I need help transferring diamonds and my theme (eye) to “Fancy Key Pro” before I can delete “Fancy Key”. I tried to follow the instructions but was not successful. If I did have an ID to login in the past I don’t remember it but I have created a new one. Can you please help me because this was something I purchased?? Thank you very much. Barb

  2. Please help this user will your “community manager” constantly & viciously BULLING me! (And others)
    I’ve been trying to contact app for over 3 weeks about it! I have screen shots proving her harassing behaviors..
    Why won’t ANYONE HELP ME????????????

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