FancyKey now goes Pro!

Now presenting the bigger than big, Fancykey Pro! As the name change suggests, we’ve gone Pro, providing you with a whole new typing experience. For the first time ever ALL fonts, themes, effects and sounds are FREE for iOS and Android users!

In this day and age, chatting and idea expression have become synonymous; self-expression comes through the keyboard. And what better keyboard than FancyKey Pro? This is a super customizable keyboard, allowing you to be, well you. From simple elegance to fun and colorful, our themes span the entire range.

As the most customizable keyboard available on both iOS and Android platforms, we aim to give users a typing experience that is personalized like no other. Change fonts, themes, effects and sounds everyday depending on your mood. Bring your words to life with our Touch Animation feature, which animates your letters as you type them. Such as Star wars light saber effect, Tron bike, Broken glass effect. It gets better, you can also change the colors of some of those effects as you like!  There are even new theme updates every day!

The FancyKey family knows no borders, and therefore you have a wide range of language options to choose from, even languages like Hinglish! More languages are added for every new version.

FancyKey Pro has made an explosive presence so far as the most famous keyboard on the iOS App Store. All the latest news, updates and features are posted everyday on many social platforms. We now have 50k+ followers on Instagram and 40k+ followers on Facebook, which are increasing every hour. Log into your social accounts and start following today!

So what are you waiting for? Download FancyKey Pro NOW!

Pinssible Labs now has another masterpiece

For a very long time, Padgram is Pinssible Labs’ masterpiece. We’ve dedicated a lot of effort on Padgram, at the same time, we’re seeking for opportunity to make something big.

Thanks to iOS 8, which opens the door to third-party keyboards. We’re glad to introduce Fancy Fonts Keyboard 1.0, our third-party keyboard for iPhone and iPod touch. Fancy Fonts Keyboard allows users to personalize device’s keyboard with a library of fancy fonts, emojis, and themes. Advanced predictive technology allows Fancy Fonts Keyboard to quickly input characters and anticipate emojis to save the user time. Fancy Fonts Keyboard allows users to maintain people’s privacy and can be used in many apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve been good at making powerful but easy-to-use tools. There are many deliberate designs in the app. Take one for example, almost all keyboard apps in the market require Full Access rights to work properly, including well-known players like SwiftKey and Fleksy. Fancy Fonts Keyboard is unique by working without Full Access rights, unless the user opts in to turn on some special features. Fancy Fonts Keyboard takes the user’s privacy seriously.

There are more designs like this to make the keyboard special. To find out more, just download it and try whether you like: . Don’t hesitate to leave us comments. Thanks!

Padgram 3.0 brings in Pinterest-like categories and portrait mode support

We’re glad to announce Padgram 3.0, a major update to the photo app. The update includes support for both portrait and landscape orientation and browsing by category as well as popularity, including: Nature, Pets, Girls, Kids, Food, Fashion, Cars, and Architecture.

The most important new feature in this update of Padgram is a redesigned browsing system based on categories in addition to popularity. Although browsing based on number of followers is common in Instagram and Instagram viewers, results are often skewed towards celebrities and businesses. Instead of browsing the most popular photos, users instead are browsing the photos of the most popular people or companies posting photos. With the addition of browsing by categories, Padgram can now more accurately reflect the interest in photos posted by a broad spectrum of typical Instagram users. Each category contains 100 users of the service, chosen by experts at Padgram. Users can email us ( to apply for inclusion in a category, and new categories will be added over time. Here is the screenshot of the Nature category:

Previous versions of Padgram included support for operation in landscape orientation only. Receiving many user requests for the addition of portrait orientation, version 3.0 now incorporates this feature. Portrait mode is particularly valuable for iPad mini users, who typically hold their iDevice in portrait orientation. Here is the screenshot of Padgram in portrait mode:

We are always trying to be responsive to Padgram users’ requests for new features. Support for portrait orientation and browsing by categories represent a major step in the evolution of Padgram. Try it now, we won’t let you down.

Padgram 2.6 for iPad-Top Instagram Viewer Creates Eye-Catching Shoutouts

We’re glad to announce Padgram 2.6, with following major changes:

  • Add swiping support when viewing photos in full size, you can easily swipe from one photo to another
  • Add self/cross promotion feature. Now you can promote yourself or others with a beautiful collage, which is made of user’s most liked photos
  • Support deleting or copying comments
  • Refined commenting experience with bigger comment box

The promotion feature is unique among the options. We design it to meet people’s needs to shout out for each other.

An Instagram Shoutout gives a user an opportunity for self or cross promotion, asking others to recommend that their followers should begin following the user or other Instagram member. Typically, users take a photo of a profile on Instagram, posting it with a Shoutout hashtag. Far from ideal, this low-tech solution can at best be ineffective, and at worst be seen as spam.

The new Promote button in Padgram 2.6 selects six random photos a member has posted, and it creates a visually pleasing collage. There are three photos in the top row and three in the bottom row, and each photo is tilted slightly, each overlapping two adjacent photos just a bit. This sophisticated design presents a sampling of the member’s tastes and interests, and serves as a stylish image that is ideal for giving or requesting a Shoutout. Here is a screenshot of the generated collage:

We’re interested to see how people is going to use this.

For a full PR, here it is:

And the app is already here:

Padgram tops Photography app in Thailand

Padgram has got our first No. 1 listing in the world!!!

Thailand, the country with over 65 million people and millions of Instagrammers, now has Padgram as the #1 Photography iPad app.

Since Padgram new version released in September, Padgram has got dramatic growth, until No. 1 in Thailand. We’re so excited about this. Thanks to all Padgramer’s support to make this happen.

We’ve also seen big growths in other countries. We’re confident with Padgram and hope it reach more No.1 positions soon.

Check out Padgram here:

Padgram 2.5 makes it easy to post photos and revamps profile and sharing

Since we changed the app’s name to “Padgram”, we’ve done 4 important releases. We made continuous improvements in each version. Now it comes to 2.5.

First of all, we revamped the main menu. We gave up the drop-down style menu (which is mostly seen in web site designs), replacing it with the slide-out menu (which can be seen in Facebook, Fancy, Pinterest and other popular apps). We want to make it costless to understand and use the app.

We received many inquiries about how to upload photos on iPad. Since Instagram hasn’t opened the upload API, we cannot integrate uploading within Padgram. The only way to upload photo is using the official Instagram iPhone app on iPad. We think users might not know they can use the iPhone app on their iPad. We want to make it easy and we designed the “Instagram Camera” menu. When tapped on, if the Instagram iPhone app hasn’t been installed, we guide users to download and install the iPhone app. If the official iPhone app is there, we launch it to take or upload photos.

Another important change is the revamped profile page. When checking profile, people are keen to know following info:

  • They want to know follower’s / following’s meta info (avatar, user name, photo number, following number and follower number) within one screen, other than only the avatar and user name
  • They want to know who they’re following have not followed back

Here is the revamped profile page, Both requirements are well addressed.

And lastly, we make deep integration with iOS 6 to make sharing easier. As we know, since iOS 6 Facebook and Sina Weibo are integrated into the system. Once people configured Facebook and Sina Weibo in OS settings, all apps can make use of them to share or post. Users don’t need to configure the accounts for individual apps, and account info are controlled by OS, not individual apps, therefore much safer from privacy protection perspective.

And we have several bug fixes and tweaks in 2.5. This makes a more stable Padgram.

We hope those improvements can bring in true value to our users. We’re working hard to make the best Instagram viewer on iPad. Try Padgram now, leave comments below of what you think of it.

Pic Quotes: read, share & print unlimited quotes in picture form

Do you enjoy reading, sharing and posting quotes? then Pic Quotes makes it more interesting by letting users view quotes in picture form and making it easier to share and print.

The quotes shown in the app are picked up from hot image sharing sites, such as Pinterest, Piccsy, ImgFave and FFFFound. Pic Quotes send around 20 quotes to you every day. Features:
– Allows users to view recent quotes
– Allows users to share quotes on facebook
– Allows users to print quotes and send them to friends as postcards.

Like our Facebook page to start reading and sharing quotes with the “Pic Quotes” community:

“InstaPin” is now renamed to “Padgram”

We named the instagram app as “InstaPin” as we wanted it to be a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. Now we rename it to “Padgram” as we think the Instagram-Pinterest combination is not a perfect solution on iPad.

Pinterest waterfall view is basically composed of image, comments, author info. It brings in perfect UX on PC as the screen is big enough. People like the UX to view all info within the same page and add comments without leaving. While on iPad, even its screen is bigger than iPhone, the screen estate is still limited. It can’t even hold one image info in one screen using waterfall view! And when it comes to commenting, as to the nature of Object-C programming, it’s much harder to implement in technical. Pinstagram tried it, but the result is not perfect.

So we decide to give up waterfall view. The app in the store is still in waterfall view, but next version the waterfall view will be gone. We rename the app just in preparation for next version.

Next version would be an important release. Stay tuned! [Update: it’s online now:]

InstaPin – Creatively Explore Instagram

InstaPin is now on App Store. Check it out here.

What’s InstaPin

InstaPin is an Instagram app for iPad, not only can you enjoy Pinterest waterfall view in the app,but also like,comment,share photos and check profiles simply with one tap.

We view iPad differently from iPhone. On iPhone, people take photos, check friend’s activities and stay connected with friends by liking or commenting photos. On iPad, we cannot take photos as Instagram hasn’t opened this API. While iPad is much more powerful in viewing and exploration. It is a fun to check out interesting photos and people on iPad. We designed InstaPin to make liking, commenting, checking profile much easier. In InstaPin, people can finish following features within 2 taps:

  • Like a photo
  • Comment a photo
  • Check others’ profile
  • Follow others
  • ( Let us know if you have other features to add to the list 🙂 )

Why we want to make InstaPin

After completing EasyPin, we sat down together to think about our next product and our idea was how to join Instagram with Pinterest. At that same time some media started to report, where was only providing web services not apps for mobile or any other platform, so we got the inspiration and decided to start our project.

How different we are from our competitors

During we make InstaPin, media reported Pinstagram web service, followed by its iPad app. we made an evaluation of the app’s fluency, experience and integrity, we feel that InstaPin is more superior in interaction experience. Some actions cannot be easily done in Pinstagram needs a single tap in InstaPin. The typical example is checking user’s profile.

Pinstagram is the first app integrated the Pinterest waterfall view on iPad for Instagram. But the first one is not necessary the best one, with our confidence and courage we believe that InstaPin has a very good perspective.

We want to differentiate us from other apps in exploration features. “Creatively Explore Instagram” is our slogan, there are several features in the works, such as:

  • Auto complete tags or users during searching or commenting
  • Photos nearby
  • Subscribe an interest tag
  • Subscribe an interesting place

Stay tuned!

(We do recognize and respect Pinstagram and its founder Pek, they moved really fast and did a really good design and promotion. We started at similar peroid as Pinstagram but late in schedule for almost 1 month, shame… We have a lot to learn…)

Feature list

  • Explore popular feed and your following or liked photos in Pinterest waterfall view. View just by a glance while it smoothly loads by scrolling down
  • Share photos to 6 social services: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Pocket (formerly Read It Later) and Sina Weibo
  • One tap to like and comment photos
  • One tap to check others’ profile (photos, followed and following users), follow them with another tap
  • View photos in fullscreen mode, and save them to Camera Roll
  • Search by tag or username
  • Portrait / Landscape support, so you can place your iPad in any orientation you like
  • Retina Display support for new iPad users

For any feature requests or comments, you can leave message on our Facebook App Page. Thanks~~~~

EasyPin: we make pinning on Pinterest super easy

As mentioned in previous post, the philosophy behind EasyPin is do less but do it the best. It’s not a simple wrapper over Pinterest web site, either a tool with ‘Pin It’ marklet integrated.

EasyPin is a web browser, both from look-and-feel and functionality perspective:

It allows you to bookmark your favorite image sites.

One magic feature is, it adds pin icon onto images that are qualified to pin (image’s size is big enough and copyright is allowed). When the pin icon is clicked, it brings in the pinning window directly. With this feature, user can pin images with one single tap, other than ‘tap bookmark’ -> ‘tap Pin It marklet’ -> ‘wait for all images to show’ -> ‘choose the image that user is willing to pin’. It just gives the user pinning a piece of mind.

Another magic feature is, the app opens another window to load the pinning page, so user’s browsing context (which page user is browsing and where the page is scrolled to) is well kept.

And Finally, it has the ‘Pin It’ button on toolbar, if user wants to list all images, that’s still available with one single tap:

Here is a video that demonstrates the app:

The app will be on App Store soon. Drop us an email( We can get back to you after it’s published.