How to migrate data from FancyKey to FancyKey Pro

As you have known, FancyKey now goes Pro. For users with original version, there are few steps to migrate data to the Pro version:

  1. For customised themes, just upload them to Show-offs tab, then you could download them in the Pro version. The upload button is in the centre bottom side of the Show-offs tab.
  2. For purchased VIP or SVIP, you could find the “Restore Purchase” option when you’re prompted to purchase again.
  3. For your diamonds, unfortunately there is no direct way, but you’re welcome to write to, our customer service will be there to restore them for you.

Thanks for your support of FancyKey. We will keep up working on the Pro version and make it a perfect keyboard for your personalisation.



FancyKey now goes Pro!

Now presenting the bigger than big, Fancykey Pro! As the name change suggests, we’ve gone Pro, providing you with a whole new typing experience. For the first time ever ALL fonts, themes, effects and sounds are FREE for iOS and Android users!

In this day and age, chatting and idea expression have become synonymous; self-expression comes through the keyboard. And what better keyboard than FancyKey Pro? This is a super customizable keyboard, allowing you to be, well you. From simple elegance to fun and colorful, our themes span the entire range.

As the most customizable keyboard available on both iOS and Android platforms, we aim to give users a typing experience that is personalized like no other. Change fonts, themes, effects and sounds everyday depending on your mood. Bring your words to life with our Touch Animation feature, which animates your letters as you type them. Such as Star wars light saber effect, Tron bike, Broken glass effect. It gets better, you can also change the colors of some of those effects as you like!  There are even new theme updates every day!

The FancyKey family knows no borders, and therefore you have a wide range of language options to choose from, even languages like Hinglish! More languages are added for every new version.

FancyKey Pro has made an explosive presence so far as the most famous keyboard on the iOS App Store. All the latest news, updates and features are posted everyday on many social platforms. We now have 50k+ followers on Instagram and 40k+ followers on Facebook, which are increasing every hour. Log into your social accounts and start following today!

So what are you waiting for? Download FancyKey Pro NOW!

Moderation in FancyLand.

FancyLand was the forum in the FancyKey app, now it’s moved out as a standalone app for teens to engage with each other.

FancyLand is an app aimed for 9+, so contents that are for adults may not be appropriate here. We have moderators to ensure things are teens friendly. Posts of below types are NOT allowed here:

  • Porn or sexual contents
  • Posts that harass or bully other members
  • Posts that have suicide or violence tendency
  • Spams, normally with empty titles and contents, or frequent irrelevant posts

As a moderator, you should agree:

  • Not to threaten others
  • Not to show off your power
  • Stay neutral, never use the power for personal disputes

We have auditing in place. We might disable moderation rights without prior notification.