How to install developer build to iPhone/iPad

For testing purpose, it’s often required to install an app onto a iPhone/iPad without jail-breaking (if your device is already jail-broken, the procedure will become pretty simpler. ). We’ve not found much useful article on web to document this, so we write it here:

First step: provide UDID to the developer

An UDID (Unique Device Identifier) is a sequence, combinations of alphabets and numbers with the length of 40 characters. It uniquely identifies your iPad. Install Get My UDID on your iPad, and use it to email the UDID to the developer.

Second step: developer sign the app with your UDID included

It’s the developer’s job, to save the words here. The developer should offer two files:

  1. a file with *.ipa extension
  2. a file with *.mobileprovision extension

Third step: install ipa onto the device

Get your iPad connected to your computer and iTunes launched.

  1. Uninstall the existing Padgram on your iPad
  2. Back to iTunes on your desktop, Drag the ipa and provision file to “Apps” panel. Accept to override the existing one when prompted.
  3. Choose your iPad in iTunes, check the “Apps” tab, make sure the app is selected, finally hit the “Sync” button, the app will be installed onto your iPad


  1. Sometimes there could be a dialog prompt on device saying certificate is not trusted. Don’t hesitate to blame the developer if that happens đŸ™‚
  2. We believe there are various strange issues out there, leave us message if you encounter any

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