Padgram 2.6 for iPad-Top Instagram Viewer Creates Eye-Catching Shoutouts

We’re glad to announce Padgram 2.6, with following major changes:

  • Add swiping support when viewing photos in full size, you can easily swipe from one photo to another
  • Add self/cross promotion feature. Now you can promote yourself or others with a beautiful collage, which is made of user’s most liked photos
  • Support deleting or copying comments
  • Refined commenting experience with bigger comment box

The promotion feature is unique among the options. We design it to meet people’s needs to shout out for each other.

An Instagram Shoutout gives a user an opportunity for self or cross promotion, asking others to recommend that their followers should begin following the user or other Instagram member. Typically, users take a photo of a profile on Instagram, posting it with a Shoutout hashtag. Far from ideal, this low-tech solution can at best be ineffective, and at worst be seen as spam.

The new Promote button in Padgram 2.6 selects six random photos a member has posted, and it creates a visually pleasing collage. There are three photos in the top row and three in the bottom row, and each photo is tilted slightly, each overlapping two adjacent photos just a bit. This sophisticated design presents a sampling of the member’s tastes and interests, and serves as a stylish image that is ideal for giving or requesting a Shoutout. Here is a screenshot of the generated collage:

We’re interested to see how people is going to use this.

For a full PR, here it is:

And the app is already here: